Third generation hotelier Brett G. Tollman was born in South Africa in 1961. After his schooling at Rugby School in the Midlands of England, Brett Tollman graduated from Cornell University in Upstate New York with an B.Sc. in Hotel Management. This paved the way for his entry to the family-owned business, as he made Vice Chairman in 1997 as part of the The Travel Corporation (TTC). Three generations of Tollmans are currently active in the corporation.

From then until the position he holds today, as CEO, Brett Tollman held various positions in TTC. The TTC corporation comprises a number of operators in the travel and tourism industry, including luxury boutique hotels (the Red Carnation Hotels) in the United States, Switzerland, South Africa and the UK. Bringing many years of experience to this field, Brett Tollman still serves as CEO of the hotel group. With the broad range of brands that comprise the corporation, TTC meets the needs of all budgets and travel styles. To mention just a few – Trafalgar Tours is the industry leader in providing outstanding guided holidays to all major destinations, and recent unique initiatives include their “At Leisure” and “Be My Guest”  experiences, and their family vacations are highly successful. Insight Vacations offers perfectly planned escorted tours, with a superior level of personal service; Shamrocker Irish Adventures offers budget tours of Ireland; AAT Kings cover Australia and New Zealand, while Uniworld offers a range of luxury boutique river cruises with an unmatched level of comfort, quality and service.

2010 sees Brett Tollman having the opportunity to take The Travel Corporation to South Africa with the once-in-a decade, International Sales Conference, which was held in Cape Town. This major event goes further than making first impressions – it is the start of a long-term process of growing and developing the destination. To quote Brett Tollman: “…... The focus of the conference is also very much on the business of promoting and fostering inbound tourism to South Africa - establishing opportunities for selling this remarkable destination to our global customers.” Tollman went on to reiterate TTC’s long-term commitment to South Africa.

The Travel Corporation pride themselves on their commitment to the environment, and put this into effect through The Travel Corporation Conservation Foundation, which is active participant in promoting sustainable tourism in ecologically endangered areas. Protection of part of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, and research and restoration in Venice are among the projects that have already benefited from the support of the Conservation Foundation. Through its Uniworld brand, the Conservation Foundation has embarked on a new project along Egypt’s Nile River. The aim is to reduce the environmental impact of river cruises by reducing water and energy consumption, as well as waste generation from the cruise ship. The company is also a major sponsor of the prestigious Tourism for Tomorrow Awards in recognition of companies in the travel industry that have exhibited a strong commitment to fostering sustainable tourism while protecting the environment.

Brett Tollman has recognized the importance of sharing his knowledge and expertise resulting from years of experience in his field, and makes time in his busy schedule for mentoring promising employees within the corporation. He is also a member of the Young Presidents Organization, whose membership comprises of international business presidents who meet from time to time to exchange and share ideas and opportunities. Brett Tollman is Vice Chairman responsible for membership of the World Travel and Toursim Council, and serves on its executive committee.

TTC’s chairman Stanly Tollman recently spent a fact finding week in Asia, together with Brett and Gavin Tollman meeting with significant travel industry leaders and VIPs in order to fully comprehend the trends and aspirations for enablement of the Chinese traveller to fulfill their dreams regarding travel.

Brett Tollman fully comprehends and is well aware of the Asian traveller in becoming global citizens via worldwide visitation. The growth in Chinese travel clearly echoes the significance that the Chinese place on exploring the world and it is forecasted that these Chinese travellers will soon be the pillar of global travel and tourism growth.


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